• Name: Mostafa Moonir Shawrav
  • Address: Gusshausstrasse 27-29/E366, A1040 Vienna, Austria

Post-doctoral Researcher - (ERC)

European Research Council (ERC) funded Project

Micro and Nanosensors (MNS) Group
Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems (ISAS)

Vienna University of Technology
December 2016 – Till Now

Post-doctoral Researcher - (FWF)

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) project

Bionanobeam Group
Institute of Solid State Electronics (FKE)

Vienna University of Technology
September 2015 – November 2016

  • Fabricating highly conductive and pure gold structures using focused electron beam induced deposition (FEBID) for nanocontacts
  • Exploring the possibility to use FEBID structures for nanocontacts and biomolecule immobilzation


The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) project

Bionanobeam Group
Institute of Solid State Electronics (FKE)

Vienna University of Technology
October 2013 – August 2015


  • Investigated focused electron beam induced etching (FEBIE) on semiconductor nanowires
  • Inspected the influence of chlorine based electron beam induced etching
  • Supervised 2 Master students

Early Stage Researcher

ENHANCE Project, Marie Curie Initial Training Network
Bionanobeam Group
Institute of Solid State Electronics (FKE)
Vienna University of Technology
July 2012 – September 2013

  • Developed novel purification approach for electron beam deposited gold nanostructures
  • Proposed unique model titled focused electron beam induced curing (FEBIC)
  • Fabricated direct-write noble metal and magnetic nanostructures for semiconductor and 3D nanomagnetic logic (NML) applications
  • Received training on advanced microscopy, additive & subtractive nanofabrication techniques, various characterization & analysis         methods

Research Assistant

Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics (ICTEAM)
Université catholique de Louvain (UCL).
December 2011 – July 2012


  • Characterized sub nanometer fully depleted silicon on insulator MOSFET devices.

Jr. Researcher

NanoElectronics & Molecular Nanofabrication group,
University of Twente, The Netherlands
June 2010 – December 2010

  • Designed & implemented a research project for  bridging nanogap with thiols modified gold nanoparticles.

Master Thesis Student

NanoElectronics group, MESA+ – Institute for Nanotechnology
September 2009 – May 2010

  • Investigated the electron interferometer for coherent electron transport in organic molecules
  • Examined effect of tempeature and current on Aharonov-Bohm interferometer

Network Engineer

Mobizone Telecommunication Services Ltd.
Dhaka, Bangladesh
January 2008 – August 2008

  • Integrated new mobile services for 2nd largetst mobile operator of Bangladesh – Banglalink
  • Managed the performance of hardware and service platform for CRBT & IVR server
  • Maintained vendor management relationship
  • Served corporate as well as individual customer issues within 48 hours.

Engineer (Maintenance & Service)

T.S. Engineering
Dhaka, Bangladesh
December 2006 – January 2008 (Part Time)

  • Installed & troubleshoot various electrical products
  • Provided solutions to client


PhD in Electrical Engineering (Additive and subtractive direct writing of nanodevices)

Vienna University of Technology, Austria
February 2013 – August 2015

Master of Science

Master of Science in Nanotechnology

University of Twente, The Netherlands
September 2008 – December 2010

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)
September 2002 – January 2007


Advanced level

  • Focused Electron beam induced deposition and etching (FEBID-FEBIE)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDX)
  • Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
  • Cryogenic transport measurements (Heliox VL)

Standard level

  • Magnetic Force Microscope (MFM)
  • Photolithography & Sputtering
  • Reactive Ion & Plasma etching
  • Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis)

Basic level

  • Transmission electron microscope (TEM)
  • E-beam lithography (EBL)
  • Nanoimprint lithography (NIL)
  • Microcontact printing
  • Self assembled monolayer (SAM)
  • Fluorescence Microscope
  • Field programmable gate array (FPGA) based microprocessor and digital system design-implementation
  • Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Ubuntu 11.10
  • Programming Languages: Lab View, MATLAB, Verilog HDL, VHDL, C, C++
  • Technical Software: Origin Pro, Gwyddion, Nanoscope Analysis, Digital Micrograph, imageJ Clewin, Xilinx ISE, Adobe Photoshop
  • Web Programming: Typo3, WordPress, Basic HTML

CEF: Common European Framework

  • Bangla:Native
  • English: Fluent (CEF: C2)
  • German:Elementary (CEF: A2)
  • Dutch: Beginner (CEF: A1)


  • State-of-the Art Nanofabrication – Fundamentals and Advanced Applications, EIPBN, San Diego, United States, 2015
  • 4th ASEM Workshop, Austrian Society for Electron Microscopy, University of Vienna, Vienna, 2014
  • 3rd ASEM Workshop, Austrian Society for Electron Microscope, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, 2013
  • Integration of ALD oxides into Semiconductor devices, ENHANCE Workshop, Forschungszentrum Juelich and IMEC, 2013
  • ENHANCE Winter School, Technical University of Eindhoven, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 2013
  • Nanostructuring methods utilising electron & ion beam processes, ENHANCE Workshop, Vienna, 2012
  • Electronics & Measurements; Strategic Research Orientation-NanoElectronics, 2009
  • Fundamentals of Nanotechnology; MESA+ – Institute for Nanotechnology, 2008

Soft Skills

  • Presenting with an Impact, Avocets Consulting & Vienna University of Technology, Vienna 2016
  • Electric Public Speaking, Avocets Consulting & Vienna University of Technology, Vienna 2016
  • Interactive Lectures, Avocets Consulting & Vienna University of Technology, Vienna 2015
  • Effective Scientific Writing, Human Resource Department, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna 2015
  • Project Management,Human Resource Department, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna 2014
  • Powerful Poster Presentation, Human Resource Department, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna 2014
  • Advanced Academic Writing; Language Centre, University of Twente, 2009
  • Principles of Scientific Communication; ICTEAM, Université catholique de Louvain, 2012
  • Systematically Searching for Information; Library & Archive, University of Twente, 2010
  • Teaching: Co-lecturer of 3 Master level courses – Microelectronics, Selected biophysics and Semiconductor Technology
  • Supervising: Supervisor of master students in the field of focused electron beam induced processing
  • Proposal writing: Co-writer the proposal – H2020-IF-GF-3DMAGIC, FP7 MC-ITN “Magnifico” and MOSAIC.
  • Reviewing: Institute of Physics Journal – Nanotechnology

Founding Secretary

IEEE Young Professionals Affinity Group Austria
(2014 – Till Now)

  • Establish academic relationship
  • Maintain group’s web site and social media presence


Volunteer, Working Group “Networking”
Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA)
(2014 – Till Now)

  • Plan the MCAA’s presence in different academic events


7th ENHANCE Workshop
Vienna University of Technology
(September 2012)

  • Planned the scientific program
  • Instructor for the cleanroom lab work


Mentor Erasmus Student Network Twente
(August 2010 Kick-In)

  • Guided  new  International  students throughout  the  orientation  program  of  the University.
  • Participated in different student activity.

Organizer - (INASCON)

4 th  International NanoScience Student Conference (INASCON).
(September 2009 – August 2010)

  • Planned budget. Designed program book.
  • Managed sponsors & speakers.
  • Maintained conference site.
  • Coordinated other member’s work.

College Leader

Bangladesh National Cadet Core (BNCC)
(October 2000 – April 2001)

  • Trained  as  a  Para-military  force  especially for supporting nation building activities.
  • Lead College contingent of 20 cadets.

Section Prefect

Kudrat-e-Khuda House, Dhaka Residential Model College
(January 1996 – December 1996)

  • Section Leader for 25 students.
  • Lead them to maintain a disciplined life.
  • Monitored  their  daily  academic  and  social activities and advised accordingly.
  • Best Poster Award at EIPBN 2015
  • Best Graduate Student Award at E-MRS Spring Meeting Symposium Z 2015
  • MCAA Alumni of the Year 2014: Awarded by Marie Curie Alumni Association.
  • 2014 IFSM  Young Scientists: Received scholarship to join IFSM Special School on Microscopy.  50 Young Scientists have been selected from all over the world. List of IFSM Young Scientists
  • International Microscopy Congress (IMC) Scholarship 2014.
  • European Microscopy Society (EMS) Scholarships, 2013.
  • Early Stage Researcher Fellowship, Marie Curie Initial Training Network, FP7 People program, European Union, 2012.
  •  2 nd  Best Poster Prize among 70 other posters; MESA+ Annual Day, 2010.
  •  University of Twente Scholarship for M.Sc. Program; September 2008 – August 2010.
  • 1st   place  in  an  essay  competition organized by  Parliament  of  Bangladesh  and  Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, 2003.
  • Runner-up in college chess competition; Dhaka Residential Model College, 1998.
  • 2nd  place in national Speech competition; National Museum of Bangladesh, 1997.
  • Scholarship for excellence for Primary School Competition; Bangladesh, 1995.
  • Fellow, Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) (2016- till now)
  • Member, European Microscopy Society (EMS) (2013 – till now)
  • Graduate Member, American Chemical Society (ACS) (2013 – till now)
  • Graduate Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (2012 – till now)
  • Member, Austrian Society for Electron Microscope (ASEM) (2013 – till now)
  • Member, Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) and Founding Member, MCAA Austrian Chapter (2014 – till now)
  • Member, The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) (2012 – Life)
  • Graduate Member, IEEE Electron Devices Society and IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (2012, 2014)
  • Member, Marie Curie Fellows Association (MCFA) (2013)
  • Member, European Materials Research Society (EMRS) (2013, 2015)
  • Member, Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) (2013- 2015)
  • Member of Erasmus Student Network Twente (August 2008 – 2012)
  • Participant, GMe Forum 2013, Society for Micro and Nanoelectronics, Vienna University of Technology, 2013
  • Participant, Physics@FOM Annual Congress at Veldhoven 2011, The Netherlands.
  • Attended Bergveld-lecture titled “Zero-cost diagnostic” by Prof. G.M. Whitesides from Havard University on October 19, 2009, The Netherlands.
  • Participant, 3rd International NanoScience Student Conference 2009, Switzerland.